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Golden Keytriever recovers lost keys with a  simple concept.  Clients are provided with an elegant, jewelry quality bronze key tag containing a unique registration number and a request that any finder deposit the keys in a mail box.  The tag also contains the address of the Golden Keytriever  Registry  and a postage guarantee.  The Post Office delivers the "lost keys" to Golden Keytriever. When this set of "lost" keys is received at the Golden Keytriever Registry, the client is identified by the unique registration number and the keys are returned to the client. The  sophisticated application of this system shields the identity of the owner and the doors they will open while increasing the possibility that these keys will be returned to the owner in case they are lost.

Golden Keytrieveworks because people are basically honest.  Visit most any lost and found department and you will see that their drawers and shelves are loaded with items, including key chains and keys, people have found and turned in. Golden Keytriever makes it easier for the finder of lost keys or lost and found departments to do the right thing and get your keys back to you.

The core of the Golden Keytriever system is a  an elegant jewelry quality bronze key tag, with a twist, for it also has a unique number confidentially registered to your name and address. The registration file is kept by Golden Keytriever and is  available only to Golden Keytrieverís bonded Registry staff.  Finders are encouraged to drop keys in the nearest mailbox. The US Postal Service will deliver the keys to the Golden Keytriever Registry who immediately returns the keys to you.

Using the Golden Keytriever as your key tag will considerably increase the possibility of your lost keys coming back to you. Use of the system is a virtual guarantee that your lost keys will be returned to you instead of sitting in a lost and found drawer and eventually thrown out for lack of identification. 

Home and automobile keys are getting better and providing more security, but they are also becoming more costly.  Many automobile keys with electronic chips can cost over $20 and the remotes  can easily  exceed $100. Minimize the possible expense and stress of replacing either your high cost automobile key or the more costly remote by using the Golden Keytriever. 

A solution to a possible lost key dilemma may be to put a tag with your name and address on the key chain.  The keys would undoubtedly be returned but possibly not as you would like.  Recognizing your lost keys could  be returned by someone with less than honorable intentions, you most likely would go the more expensive route of changing your locks, key settings or locking systems as well as your keys and remotes. At that stage you are facing major expenses, often running into the  hundreds of dollars for lock changes and resetting. Golden Keytriever offers a more sensible option for use of the system will most likely result in your keys being returned before such drastic and expensive action is necessary.

The use of the Golden Keytriever also provides confidentiality. Your registration is kept in a secure file and only bonded Golden Keytriever Registry staff have access to this information.  The finder will have no way of associating your name and address with your keys. Only Golden Keytriever can connect your keys to your name and address.  

Registration in the system is a one time affair. There is not the expense and hassle of yearly renewal. The use of a minted bronze tag is indicative of the permanence of the system. Your registration is for a lifetime. Use the Golden Keytriever system to register your keys and get an added  measure of security in case of loss.

Your one time cost for this service is $14 plus $1 postage and handling costs. Send your Check or Money Order for $15 to:  Golden Keytriever, P. O. Box 26064, Tampa, Florida 33623-6064. Click here to place order.





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